4th Global Summit for Ministries and Departments of Peace, Costa Rica, September 2009

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On behalf of the International Planning Team for the 2009 Global Alliance Summit in Costa Rica, it is with great joy and anticipation that we invite you, the international members of the Global Alliance for Ministries and Departments of Peace, to take part in this precedent-setting event in the history of international peace. We are pleased to announce that the Forth Global Summit for Ministries and Departments of Peace: Building Bridges of Peace will take place in San Jose, Costa Rica, September 13-21, 2009, hosted by the Costa Rican government and facilitated by GA Member, the Academy for Peace of Costa Rica.

As the first Summit of its kind to be officially hosted by a GA member country’s government, we are deeply inspired by this unique opportunity to work together in the name of establishing peace infrastructure in our respective countries. With the newfound acclaim and attention we will receive during the Summit through the global community and international media, the energy and momentum created by this event is sure to endow the Global Alliance with a higher level of success in all of our country campaigns.

We hope you will join us in Costa Rica to create an extraordinary Summit, where each country will have the chance to share its experiences while learning from fellow GA members, invited guests from civil society and governments, along with keynote speakers renowned around the world for their contributions to international peace. Evening events will celebrate our combined peace efforts, with opening and closing ceremonies featuring cultural performances and speeches by Costa Rican and international distinguished guests, along with an evening benefit concert featuring a superstar performance by one of today’s most popular artists!

For more information on the Summit and how you can get involved, or if you are a current GA member who has not received an invitation via email, please contact Tara Ruttenberg at [email protected]. We look forward to seeing you all at the 2009 Summit in Costa Rica!

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