Brief Outlook on the Ministry of Peace Campaign in Australia

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Ministry for Peace Australia (MFPA) is a non-profit organisation and part of a global initiative calling on world governments to establish Ministries or Departments of Peace worldwide.

MFPA believes that Peace needs to be “marketed” and we do this by hosting Peace Forums targeting politicians, academics and professionals, Youth Peace Forums for youth from schools of all denominations, and Corporate Social Responsibility Forums where we invite corporations to join us in dialoguing on what business can do for Peace. For the past three years we have hosted the UN International Day of Peace with a 24 hour Interfaith Peace/Prayer Vigil.

Our Board of Directors includes Professor Kevin Clements, Founder and Director of Peace and Conflict Studies, University of Queensland.

Chairperson is Biannca Pace.

Advisory Board includes Dr. Stella Cornelius, AO OBE, Dr Keith Suter and The Hon Dr Arthur Chesterfield-Evans. Assoc Prof. Jake Lynch CPACS – University of Sydney

Channel Nine TV personality Catriona Rowntree is our Peace Ambassador.

MFPA is fully funded by volunteers and their donations.


In 1937, through the voice of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom called the Australian Government to establish a Cabinet level Ministry for Peace.

In 1982, Dr Stella Cornelius under the auspices of the United Nations Association of Australia, campaigned vigorously for a MFPA. Visionary people such as Dr Keith Suter, (who in 1984 published a book “An Australian Campaign for a Ministry for Peace – A Worldpeace Initiative”), Professor Frank Hutchison and Tonya Shand; all assisted in this initiative to assist humanity to embrace a ‘Culture of Peace.’

Internationally the Ministry for Peace would use what Franklin D. Roosevelt called the science of human relations to find what he called “Seeking Peace” to find that common ground so that war does not become inevitable. Peace is practical; war is impractical (consider Iraq.)


The world and its people are in the midst of an all systems breakdown and the only adequate response to an all systems breakdown is an all system response. We can’t look at just one area and see the whole picture. It’s reasonable to establish a Ministry for Peace for it will provide an institutional platform to the Peacebuilding Community. With this input the Prime Minister would be in a position to make more informed decisions.
The Ministry’s job would be to facilitate research and articulate best practices techniques.

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We need volunteers to assist with the 2009 programme. Call Biannca Pace on 0401 753 790 or email [email protected]

THE YEAR JUST PAST- Achievements in 2008

18 September – UN International Day of Peace – Riverview College –Interfaith Youth Celebration

21 September – UN Int’l Day of Peace-24hour Peace/Prayer Vigil- Victoria Park Sydney -Interfaith Celebration

14 October Inaugural Youth Peace Forum and the inauguration of MFPA Youth Peace Ambassadors – NSW Parliament House.
Catriona Rowntree –Channel 9’s ‘Getaway ‘our first Celebrity Peace Ambassador

29 October Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Forum ‘Corporate Ecology”

NSW Parliament House.

12 November – New committee formed to continue CSR Forum’s into 2009

Five Peace Poles donated to NSW schools

Two Peace Poles donated to Queensland schools

Peace Education Program for Youth – Proposal & meetings with Policy Advisor of the Minister for Youth & Juvenile Justice.

Youth Peace Parliament Proposal — Draft for Peace Education prepared by Mr. Bruno Pahlke and presented to Minister West’s Policy Advisor.

THE YEAR AHEAD – Key Plans for 2009

Establish the Peace Education Program for MFPA Youth Peace Ambassadors

Organise the Inaugural Youth Peace Parliament 3-day event.

March -Partnering with Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies University of Sydney-in the
National Peace Academy Stakeholder Summit –to be held in USA

June- Corporate Social Responsibility Forum – “ Appreciative Inquiry.” – Jubilee Room, NSW Parliament House

July- Youth Peace Forum –Theatrette NSW Parliament House

July 15-24 An 8 day Residential Youth Peace Education Programme

August 25- 26-27 3day Youth Peace Parliament

Sep 17- UN Peace Day Youth Celebration Knox Grammar

Sep 21- UN Int’l Day of Peace 12 hour Peace/Prayer Vigil- Victoria Park Sydney

Sep 22- UN Peace Day Youth Celebration Chevalier College Southern Highlands

October – Forum : A Way Forward for Palestine & Israel –Jubilee Room NSW Parliament House

Partnering with United Nations Association of Australia (NSW) for Peace Dinner in June

Placing MFPA on the Agenda of the Australian Labor Party’s National Conference.

Meetings with The Australian Greens to ascertain their support of an MFPA in Government

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