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Since the concept of corporate social responsibility was first developed by academics back in the 1950s, many businesses and organisations have transformed their working practices so that they are more in line with the key principles of socially responsible business models. And although corporate social responsibility continues to gain importance in the business world, there is still much work to be done to ensure that businesses contribute to the social, economic, and environmental development of the societies in which they operate.

Several organisations have been created to this effect. In this article we take a look at CORE, the Corporate Responsibility Coalition, and at the work that the organisation is doing in order to further the implementation of socially responsible values among UK businesses.

History of the organisation

The Corporate Responsibility Coalition was created in 2009 with the objective of becoming a nationwide network of individuals and organisations interested in taking the concept of corporate social responsibility a step further. In the four years that have elapsed since its creation, CORE has established itself as a leading international coalition. Thanks to its extensive research and advocacy efforts, the Corporate Responsibility Coalition is now at the forefront of socially responsible business practices.

Key facts and people at CORE

The Corporate Responsibility Coalition is run by six professionals of international standing, who have specialised in the application of socially responsible values to their respective professional fields. The Coalition’s board of directors has been carefully selected so as to include experts in the most relevant and far reaching areas. The board of directors is constituted by Keren Adams, an Australian-born solicitor experienced in handling high-profile civil litigation cases; Peter Frankental, an Amnesty International campaigner and business analyst with an interest in human rights and social regeneration; Fiona Gooch, a representative of the Fair Trade Movement in European institutions and a policy adviser specialising in social reporting and the effects of business practices on developing countries; Anne Lindsay, a private sector business analyst with ample experience in global supply chains and ethical trading; Andrew Raingold, executive director at the Aldersgate Group and an expert on sustainable economic practices; and Murray Worthy, a senior campaigner interested in issues like economic justice, corporate accountability, and workers’ rights.

There are currently more than 60 organisations which collaborate with the Corporate Responsibility Coalition. These include think tanks, not-for-profit organisations, trade unions, legal groups, individuals, academic institutions, businesses, and faith groups. Some of the most notable members of the CORE network are the Ethical Consumer Research Association, the Centre for International Studies and Diplomacy at SOAS London, the Green Economics Institute, Unity Trust Bank, Christian Aid, the Environmental Investigation Agency, Friends of the Earth, Global Witness, Oxfam GB, the Women’s Institute, Save the Children, Water Aid, WWF UK, the World Fair Trade Organisation, the General Federation of Trade Unions, Unison, and GMB.

Spotlight on CORE

Ethos and key practices of the organisation

The Corporate Responsibility Coalition’s mission statement involves putting individuals and the environment at the core of global business practices. The organisation campaigns and carries out research to increase public awareness about the impact of certain business activities on local communities, and it brings to attention any instances of abuse, misconduct, or injustice resulting from irresponsible business practices.

The Coalition’s work spans several areas, which include lobbying national and international political groups, media presence, policy development informed by research, campaigning, and networking. The Corporate Responsibility Coalition member organisations are particularly interested in topics like equal access to justice, reporting corporate malpractice and its effect on vulnerable communities, corporate transparency, the establishment of standard guidelines that can be used in corporate social reports, strategies to implement the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, and the establishment of new UK bodies that can help make corporate social responsibility more widespread.

Contact details and further information

You can contact the organisation by sending a letter to its postal address: 24 Highbury Crescent, London, N5 1RX, or by sending an e-mail to [email protected]. The Corporate Responsibility Coalition can be reached by phone during business hours on 0207 354 7068. To find more details about CORE’s work and history, visit their official website at

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