The Organisation for Responsible Business (ORB) promotes sustainable, responsible, ethical and green business practices. According to the ORB, small and medium sized enterprises account for 99% of all businesses and approximately half of CO2 emissions in the UK. As a result, these businesses have an important role in promoting sustainable development and responsible business practices. The Organisation for Responsible Business was founded to fill a perceived gap in supports for small and medium sized enterprises interested in responsible business. While focused on the financial viability and profitability of its members, the UK-based organisation promotes corporate social responsibility and sustainable development in all aspects of business as a mean to maximise the profitability and sustainability of businesses. It also promotes the implementation of social and environmental considerations in the day-to-day operations of these businesses as a way to ensure long-term profitability.

About the Organisation for Responsible Business

The Companies Act, 2006 puts an onus on businesses to consider the impacts of their activities on the broader community and the environment. As a result, businesses are increasingly interested in and expected to engage in sustainable and responsible business development and practices. The Organisation for Responsible Business (ORB) was founded in 2009 to help its members embed responsible business practices. The organisation is an independent private company. It works closely with public sector organisations, non-government organisations (NGOs) and across business sectors. The business membership organisation is open to small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs).

The Organisation for Responsible Business was established to encourage small and medium sized businesses to make voluntary improvements with respect to their impact on the environment and help maintain a reasonable standard of life for future generations. The organisation offers a range of supports to these businesses, including providing information and best practices to support and simplify the implementation of responsible and sustainable business practices. It also helps its members find financial benefits in introducing sustainable business practices, such as increasing profits. The ORB also promotes its members and their responsible business practices through an online business directory. It has also established The Responsible Business Standard certification for smaller businesses.

Mandate and Activities

The Organisation for Responsible Business believes that small and medium sized businesses play an important role in local communities. These businesses contribute to the social and economic well-being of communities, as well as setting examples of ethical and responsible business behaviour for the broader business community. The mission of the ORB is to create positive change for businesses and society. This is done by demonstrating to businesses how they can be profitable and sustainable through ethical and responsible practices.

The ORB describes itself as a pro-business organisation. By embedding responsible business practices, the ORB believes businesses will see economic and business development benefits. The organisation’s activities strive to balance responsible business activities with profitability. It focuses its attention and activities on how profits are made, specifically through responsible business practices such as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The ORB promotes a holistic approach to doing business that considers impacts on “people, planet and profit” (that is, a so-called triple bottom line).

The Organisation for Responsible Business promotes responsible activities in five areas: workforce, environment, community, marketplace, and transparency and values. Membership in the ORB demonstrates that a business is committed to responsible business practices in these areas. The ORB recognises its members’ efforts by providing certification through The Responsible Business Standard. This accreditation demonstrates a business’ commitment to socially and environmentally responsible practices. Through this auditable process, certified businesses gain economic benefits through recognition that will attract customers, staff, suppliers and other stakeholders.

Contact Information

The ORB may be contacted by telephone on 0845 459 9749 or by email at [email protected] The registered address of the Organisation for Responsible Business is 84 Wimborne Road, Southend-on-Sea, Essex SS2 4JR, UK. Additional information is also available on the organisation’s website,

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